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Ana Von Hirtz

Ana von Hirtz, Owner & Original Winery Filing Specialist
Prior to establishing von Tress, A Wine Compliance Company, Ana gained invaluable experience at Laird Family Estate in Napa where she was the Director of Compliance. Ana managed the reporting for 14 Alternating Proprietors as well as dozens of custom crush clients. She has contributed to the corporate environment as well, and was an integral part of the compliance team for mergers of large wineries and filed for new complex licenses in champagne wine and beer operations. Ana holds a BS Degree in Agricultural Business from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Ana’s favorite part of working in the wine industry is helping new and existing wineries navigate through the sometimes daunting task of filing the proper paperwork for the appropriate permit or license. "The people I work with are as colorful as the wine they make; often, compliance isn’t in the time budget, that’s what I'm here for."

Gloria French, Owner & Out of State Licensing Specialist
Prior to establishing von Tress, A Winery Compliance Company, Gloria accumulated over 18 years experience in the wine industry. Her education includes a BA from the University of Santa Clara, and a second BA in accounting from Sonoma State University. She was Controller at Iron Horse Vineyards, where her responsibilities included both vineyard and winery operations. In this position she handled the complexities of foreign partnerships and all aspects of fiscal operations. Prior to working for the Sterling family she was employed by a start up partnership focused on buying and developing wineries for outside investors. Each acquisition involved multiple license transfers in a complex business structure.

Gloria's favorite part of the services offered is giving the clients time to concentrate on their passion, 'making wine'. They move forward knowing that their operation is in compliance both with both the Federal and Out of State requirements. There are now as many as 500 reports required annually for direct and wholesale shipping due to the many changes of out of state shipping laws. It is a pleasure to take this burden off the shoulders of the small producer, so they can do what they do.